Completion of The Loughborough Challenge

Another step closer

Thank you for letting us know that you have completed The Loughborough Challenge. We are absolutely delighted for you and hope that you have had a lot of fun and have got a lot of satisfaction out of meeting its requirements.

To uphold the integrity of the challenge, though, we will need to do some checks and ask you please to follow the process set out below.

Please e-mail us at with all evidence in support of your application. To be considered, your e-mail must contain the information and strictly follow the format set out below and the evidence required by the Rules of the challenge – otherwise we will regrettably not be able to process it.

We reserve the right to come back to you to ask for clarification on any matter relevant to your achievement of a challenge. By submitting your evidence you acknowledge that our decision on any disputed matter will be final.

Thank you and please may you now complete the following:

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