About us

Our Purpose

We are The Challenge Hub CIC, a private not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales with registered number 11643475.

We encourage people to lead their fullest possible lives and in doing so to remain physically, mentally and socially active.

We believe that a full life will include getting pleasure from taking exercise, learning new things and making a social contribution.

We offer – for those who are aged over 55 – a challenge (“The All in One”) which calls for achievement in each of those three categories.

For people of all ages we offer “The Charities Challenge” under which participants make their own rules to suit the needs of the participating group or organisation, their members or service users.

We exist solely for the benefit of those aged over 55 and for the benefit of those who, of whatever age, are registered with us for participation in The Charities Challenge.

We believe that what we offer as a wholly not-for-profit organisation is unique and rewarding.

Our Values

Inclusive – Easy to approach, easy to access, easy to use and available to everyone aged over 55 (regardless of race, disability, gender or sexual orientation).

Informative – With a constant supply of information and advice to assist people as they plan their own lives with particular concern for those planning or experiencing life after the workplace.

Inspirational – Always encouraging a positive, can-do approach towards physical, mental and social activity – enabling people to achieve things that they hadn’t previously imagined possible.

Life Enhancing – Born out of an understanding that taking on new challenges is a positive and fulfilling experience – and one that in return will enhance a person’s sense of value and self-worth.

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