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We offer all that you see on this website but behind the scenes we are working on four separate initiatives designed to increase our social impact:

For Individuals:

The All in One

Challenge your mind, body and social conscience. Learn a new skill. Take on a new physical challenge. Make a social contribution. Feel fulfilled.

Alternatively Full Members may register for the Hub’s own less demanding version of the Charities Challenge.

The Loughborough Challenge

The Loughborough Challenge is for those who are aged from 25 to 54 (and so who do not qualify for The All in One) but who self-certify as having a mental or physical impairment. The rules are identical to those of The All in One and so The Loughborough Challenge offers the same ideal structure and motivation for fun and self-development with its related health benefits.

For Employers:

Bridge to Retirement

Research shows that losing the structure and routine of the workplace through retirement or redundancy can trigger a very difficult period of readjustment for many.

For Communities:

The Charities Challenge™

Design your own challenge to achieve your own social outcomes and run it through us. Age is not relevant. Inter-generational is great.

Generations Together

Do you organise events where you would like us to encourage older people to take part?  Are you involved with younger people who might benefit from engagement with over-55s? If so why not contact us.

Social Prescribing

Social prescription is an initiative whereby patients are referred by their GPs to Link Workers in preference to a medical prescription. Those Link Workers are trained to place the patient into situations which address the underlying causes of their condition. The Challenge Hub can assist (a) as a resource for those Link Workers and (b) as a support and motivator for the patients themselves.

Are you involved in delivering on social prescription? If you think we might be able to help you then contact us.

A One-Page Summary of The Challenge Hub

A one-page summary of the Challenge Hub project is available to download in an easy to print format.

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Our video for over-55s

The Charities Challenge

Our Charities Challenge video

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