The Bridge to Retirement Programme

Transition from the workplace into meaningful retirement

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The process is as follows:

  1. Complete the on-line form below including the number of third-party registrations which you would like to order.
  2. Submit the form and you will receive an Application Received e-mail from us. We will then (a) log the number of third-party registrations available to your company and (b) send you an Application Approved e-mail with the link for registering individuals and a code.
  3. Each time that you want to use one of your third-party registrations simply pass that link and the code to the relevant employee. He / she can then activate the registration in his / her own time by using that link and code.
For social benefit reasons we make no charge for this facility. We do, however, ask employers to consider making a voluntary contribution towards our costs if they have the resources to do so comfortably. In return – and as a “thank you” – we will send you a presentation envelope with a formal invitation and welcome letter for each £10 donated. This is only a gesture but it does enable you to make a physical presentation to your relevant employee(s). Would you be willing to donate? If so you will find a “Donate” button on the Application Received e-mail. Contributions generally from our users are vital to us. Thank you.

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