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Sometimes just saying ‘hello’ can be a big help…. 8th October 2020

This shouldn’t be classed as ‘a social contribution’, but in these difficult days, when out walking with my wife we passed an exhausted looking young mother (with pushchair). Rather than walking by, we stopped to talk with her about the difficulties of surviving on little sleep & the feeling of isolation that having a disturbed… Read More »

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Volunteering 3rd October 2020

Volunteering combats depression. Volunteering keeps you in regular contact with others and helps you develop a solid support system, which in turn makes you a happier and healthier person

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The next six months 27th September 2020

I have the feeling that the next six months are going to feel long. Maybe it’s a great time to get a new hobby, learn about something different or do some volunteering for the community. Stay positive, everyone!

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Green Space (again) 8th September 2020

I completely agree with this thought and the research is apparently clear that living close to nature is really good for you. Having said that we moved out of a city into the country which was lovely but after about 15 years started to miss the stimulation of a city – so moved back. So… Read More »

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Green Space 6th September 2020

Maintaining mental well-being in highly urbanised locations, especially large cities, is challenging but exposure to green-space can promote well-being.

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Adjusting your Sails 29th August 2020

I have just joined the hub as I am at a crossroads in my life and am in need of direction! This saying by Elizabeth Edwards seems very apt for me at the moment and I just wanted to share these very moving and powerful words. She stood in the storm, and when the wind… Read More »

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Book launch – “Health is Made at Home” 27th June 2020

Editor: “Health is Made at Home. Hospitals are for Repairs” by Nigel Crisp is about to be launched. 235 pages of which 2 pages are about The Challenge Hub in the Chapter called “Meaning and Purpose in Later Life”. Nigel (Lord) Crisp is a former CEO of NHS England. Very grateful to be recognised. Available… Read More »

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Health and the virus 21st June 2020

Do you not think that the Covid pandemic has shown how important it is for the 55+ individuals to keep physically and mentally well? It was not simply your chronological age that mattered but the health asset you had accumulated.

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Appreciating the silence 14th June 2020

Over the years our local park, Richmond Park, has been a wonderful place for us and our family to explore. Through lockdown, traffic and most cyclists have been prohibited and with very few planes overhead, the park holds a very different atmosphere. The silence, only interrupted by birdsong, is uplifting. The noise pollution will no… Read More »

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Some things never change. 14th June 2020

Oblivious to world events, tides advance and recede in an ever repetitive cycle and the Thames is no exception. The creatures that make it their home know no difference, and for Father Thames, covid-19 is just another blip in its long active life. Stop its flow… it won’t, change its course… it won’t, alter its… Read More »

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