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Book Theme 12th June 2020

This is my first contribution. In one of my post-career contract jobs, I found myself driving around the beautiful Surrey countryside and was much taken by the beautiful Anglican churches I passed. So, on impulse, I started photographing them. This was in 2016. Now I have photographed all of the churches in Surrey and I… Read More »

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Altruistic endeavour 11th June 2020

Researchers have suggested that just two hours of altruistic endeavour a week keeps the doctor away. People who regularly volunteer to help others are less likely to die early and more likely to have a positive outlook on life than those who do not. [Editor: May be linked to release of oxytocin in the brain.… Read More »

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Lockdown benefits 10th June 2020

We were reflecting how much more noticeable the birdsong was in our city-centre garden without the traffic noise & planes. I even heard a cuckoo one day! Now that things are starting up again, I must make more of a effort to actually listen out for it!

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Lockdown 10th June 2020

During a time when nothing is as it was, people are seeking purpose. This period can be used as an opportunity to break from the routine and fill that gap by leveraging the Challenge Hub to ‘give back’. We should view the lockdown as a once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute and find new… Read More »

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Less can be more 10th June 2020

With less choice comes more time. Time to enjoy the simplest things in life. Take time to enjoy the birdsong, beautiful walks and the world around us. However difficult life can seem right now, focussing on the smallest things that matter can really make a difference.

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Time – A reply 10th June 2020

It will definitely take time for the voluntary sector to mend itself. Lots of charities have probably disappeared and others will cut back. This has knocked our collective confidence a bit, too, because we realise how vulnerable we are. Society came together during the lock-down but it’s such a shame that racial issues have emerged… Read More »

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Without Yoga Where Would We Be…..? 9th June 2020

Like most of you, I believe in trying to see the positive in all (well, most) things. Whilst it’s tough to do this during this terrible, heart-breaking crisis, there has been one beacon of light – Yoga! Without this daily routine I really don’t know how this particular household would have kept going! Check out… Read More »

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Time 9th June 2020

I was wondering what people thought about the knock on impact of the current situation for charities. While the financial impact will be felt short-term, whether in the long run it will bring people together and have encouraged people to consider giving time over money.

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New normal 9th June 2020

I wonder whether volunteering will be affected in the long-term by the risk of coronavirus. Particularly working with groups of vulnerable people (elderly etc). I hope that creative solutions can be found to strike the right balance between risk and benefit….

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My walking group 9th June 2020

Four of us (we came together to walk the Pennine Way but carried on to Land’s End) were due to complete Offa’s Dyke this Summer and to finish our All in One in the Autumn. That’s not going to happen so are planning a series of one-day walks on the North Downs Way instead. Must… Read More »

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